Sorry iPhone Fans, Android Users Are Safer Drivers

Because technology will change and new distractions will be introduced, parents need to make sure teens understand the value of engaged driving, where the driver is continuously attentive and focused. Make a family commitment not to use distracting devices while driving, including texting and driving and checking social media while driving. Commercial truck drivers who text while driving are 23.2 times more likely to cause an accident than those who do not.


  • With each additional 1 million text messages, fatalities from distracted driving rose more than 75%.
  • But if you are using dual-rank RAM, for example, or using a lower binned CPU, you might need to tune the settings down just a tiny bit to allow the system to run.
  • If your device drivers are working properly, then your computer will be running smoothly and a single dysfunctionality in the device drivers will make your device slow and crash after some time.

Follow the instructions in the installation screen. Select the tab that says Backup to view your backup settings. Windows 10 is pretty good at automatic updates, but you may need to step in once in a while. The only exception in this scenario is for discrete graphics built by AMD and Nvidia.

How to Export Old Device Drivers to a New Windows Installation

Further research into various in-phone and in-vehicle hands-free technologies could be helpful in elucidating their infrequent use among younger drivers and their potential for driver distraction. You can minimize the need to use your phone while driving simply by planning ahead, such as by entering your GPS coordinates into your navigation system or by making a playlist before you hit the road. If you can, try to reserve any phone calls for times when you will not be behind the wheel. When a driver becomes too distracted to pay attention to the potential traffic risks around him, he greatly increases his odds of causing an accident. Cell phones are rapidly becoming the number one distraction for drivers.

In summary, the contributions of compensatory beliefs accounted for part of the variance in most prior self-regulatory behaviors. However, the predicting effect was not supported statistically, except in shortened conversation length. States primarily use hand-held and texting bans to combat distracted driving. Hand-held bans are laws that allow the use of mobile devices while driving only in hands-free mode—usually through voice communication or by activating with a single tap or swipe.

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Aparently most of this stuff and all the issues have to do with waves max. Pal1000 has made a driver but its a mashed together load of scripts and other hacked rubbish. Viewing the issues online again, it looks like del just doesn’t really care or at least care to respond to put it mildly. Correctly but the driver is not handling NVDA very well. Users can’t fix this, nor should they be expected to. If the problem is with a driver, then whoever is responsible for that driver does the fix.

Check online to see whether your laptop has replaceable RAM. After you identify the type of CPU or mainboard you have, you’ll know whether you can use dual or quad RAM configurations. There’s a slight difference in overall performance when using a double channel, so it’s always advisable to purchase that kit if you can. Quad-channel memory, however, has only limited effects on speed. Higher frequency, or “clock rate,” means that the RAM can perform more calculations per second — which means that it can handle more activity than RAM with a lower clock rate. All 32-bit Windows operating systems are limited to 4 GB of RAM.